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A list of all recent changes in µTorrentPauser:
            + New Feature
            * Changed/Improved Feature
            ! Fixed Bug
            - Removed Feature

Latest version (  28.01.2009)
Mirror1: uTorrentPauser1.0.0.3.exe
Mirror2: uTorrentPauser1.0.0.3.exe
Mirror3: uTorrentPauser1.0.0.3.exe

Latest portable version (  28.01.2009)
Mirror1: uTorrentPauser1.0.0.3Portable.exe
Mirror2: uTorrentPauser1.0.0.3Portable.exe
Mirror3: uTorrentPauser1.0.0.3Portable.exe

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Changelog only for latest version:
+ Pause/Stop/Resume All, Active or Selected torrents
+ µTorrentPauser portable version
+ Pause/Stop/Resume from command line

Older versions:
uTorrentPauser1.0.0.0.exe (01.07.2008)
uTorrentPauser1.0.0.1.exe (15.08.2008)

Download additional language:
- English (included in installation)
- Slowenian (included in installation)

How to install additional µTorrentPauser languages

If you translate µTorrentPauser to your language, pleas email *.lng file to New Language


µTorrentPauser is FREEWARE and may be used by the user for any legal purposes for an unlimited period on unlimited number of computers without any restrictions. The software is fully functional and does NOT contain any adware or spyware.
This software is FREE and I cannot be responsible or liable for lost data or any other problems.

If this is not acceptable to you, do not use µTorrentPauser!

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